Clubs & Societies

KYUEM is all about experience. Clubs and societies serve to enrich students' experience apart from promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Clubs & Societies

KYUEM is all about experience. Clubs and societies serve to enrich students' experience apart from promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Ahmad Jailani bin Makhtar


Jamaliza bin Zakaria
Shanmugam s/o Subrayan


Khairullah bin Borham
Burhanuddin bin Sharif @ Tahir


Ahmad Rizal bin Ayob
Shariff bin Moslim

Swimming ( Male )

Glen Alan Jackson

Swimming ( Female )

Ruth Jane Hamilton Zagallo Lobo

Seni Silat Cekak Ustadz Hanafi

Arif bin Abd Rahim


Ustaz Mohamad Malike bin Shafie

Tae Kwon Do

Sivarajah s/o Sithambaram

Ultimate Frisbee

Eberth Zagallo Lobo Neto


Madhadzir bin Hassan
Muralidharan s/o Palaniappan

Chess Club

Michael Peter Allan

Netball Club

Nur Ashiha binti Azmi

Duke of Edinburgh (DOfE)

Ian Boler

Chinese Cultural Club

Tan Jee Wooi

Culinary Art Club

Dr. Jamal Kouser Bano

Arabic Cultural Club

Siti Aisyah Yap binti Abdullah
Mazurah binti Abd Majid
Siti Zuraidah binti Kamarudin

Indian Cultural Club

Selvarani d/o R. Muthiah
Shanmugam s/o Subrayan
Sivarajah s/o Sithambaram

Initiative Club

Glen Alan Jackson

Music Club

Nor Azura binti Ibrahim

Engineering Society

Harlina @ Norhayati binti Mokhtar
Nor Ashiha binti Azmi

Natural History

Ian Boler

Electronics Club

Michael Peter Allan

Malay Cultural Club

Nor Ain binti A. Manaf
Nadia Farhana binti Adnan
Halijah Ahmad
Umi Azura binti Md Zain

Japanese Cultural Club

Noor Aqillah binti Noor Azman
Noor Zaihan binti Bokhare
Fatem Hamime binti Ismail

Christian Fellowship

William Bruce Wallace

Science & Mathematic Society

Colin Michael Dant
Zaharah binti Ahmad

Pre Medic Club (Medic. Student )

Dr. Norhayati binti Zainudin @ Nordin

Model United Nation

To be confirmed (TBC)

Hero Club Society

Norazlan bin Mohd Nordin
Juliana binti Alias
Norsheila binti Kamarudin

WWF Warrior Club

Jaswati binti Esmael
Nuruhuda binti Wahab

Noticias (Journalism Club)

Yalanda McLain McCord
Muralidharan s/o Palaniappan

Robotic Club

Muhammad Aizuddin bin Abdul Rahman
Muhammad Idrus Fitri bin Sha’arani


Ustaz Mohamad Malike bin Shafie
Ustazah Nor Maizatul
Zaharah binti Ahmad
Fariha Bt. Azmi

German Language Club

Dr. Linda Christa Kircher
William Bruce Wallace

Debate and Public Speaking Club

Mr. Burhanudin

History Society

Dr Simon Justin Cooke
William Bruce Wallace

KY Peer Support Club

Suhanidar Mat Isa
Rosni Mohd Rasib

Law Society

Dr. Simon Justin Cooke

KY Business Society

Michael Peter Allan
Nor Ain Manaf
Jaswati Esmael

Christian Fellowship

A non-denominational group of KYUEM students, both Juniors and Seniors who run a number of activities throughout the year. The CF members meet on a weekly basis in order to study relevant issues in the Bible, society and the church deemed significant in their lives. This is also a time of spiritual renewal and mutual support during the academic year. Usually a student takes the lead in such discussions or studies, and may include debates and panels.

Every Sunday, a trip to a variety of local churches in Tanjung Malim, based on the students’ choices is arranged so that the students can take part in, and contribute to the religious life of the community outside the college. In addition, an annual Christmas party is organized by the CF which is open to all at KYUEM. Once a year, there is also a weekend away, which is meant as a time of fun, reflection and spiritual renewal. All of these events are arranged by student members of the CF.

Malay Cultural Club

The club’s objectives are to introduce and promote members knowledge and understanding of Traditional Malay Cultural, including custom and beliefs as well as traditional games. It is also to further enhance the true meaning of Malay culture in a diverse environment where all races students interact in a multi-cultural background.
It is also aims to foster better ties and rapport among students from different walks of life.

Among annual programmes are organizing cultural events such as; Boria Inter house, Dikir Barat competitions, sajak, syair and pantun competition as well as treasure hunt and traditional games competition.

On periodical basis, the club holds workshops namely; “Bengkel Bangsawan” or” Bengkel Tarian”. Among the most regular activities of the club is to watch a Malay theatre performance at the Istana Budaya or Fakulti Seni & Muzik, UPSI, Tanjung Malim.

One of the major activity of the club is to organise a major college event that is, Bangsawan Night. It is an inter-house competition whereby participated by almost all students.

Debate & Public Speaking Club

The club intends to strengthen oratory, analytical and presentational skills through participating in intervarsity, national and international tournaments where students are pitted against others’ intellectuals from prestigious institutions.

Among events participated on annual basis are those competitions held by IIUM and ISKL.

Electronic Club

The KYUEM Electronics club is based upon microcontrollers, uC’s, which are essentially tiny programmable computers to control and interact with various devices. Members program the uC’s (specifically the Arduino ATmega328P, e.g. Arduino UNO, and ESP8266 / ESP32) using using C/C++;so as circuits using breadboards with components such as transistors, 555 timers, RGB LED’s, buzzers and speakers and modules such as LCD’s, Servo motors, Distance sensors, HC-05 Bluetooth, IR motion sensors, temperature and humidity sensors. Additionally, we deal with Wifi and Networking and ‘Internet of Things’, IoT, applications and data logging. No experience is necessary. Students are encouraged to build their own circuits and explore their own ideas.

Indian Cultural Club

The Indian Cultural Club (ICC) is one of the clubs that organise the big events of the College but also a club that involves every student, irrespective of the race they belong to. As the name suggests, one of the primary aims of the Indian Cultural Club is to help students keep in touch with the rich cultural values, customs and traditions of our country. The Cultural Club aims at moulding the personality of students and exposes them to a wide range of cultural events throughout the year. Apart from participating in a range of events, the students also get a first-hand experience of organizing and managing the events, and of course, it caters to the creative needs of the students.

Along with giving a platform to creativity, the Club aims at developing the intellectual, organizational and social skills of the students. Various skills like leadership, working in a team, sharing success and failure, accepting responsibility are implicit in the working of the club.

Natural History Club

To study the wonders of nature both in the laboratory and at wildlife havens near and far throughout Malaysia. For example through weekly videos, power points and talks about the species and classification and setting of insects, mammals, birds, reptiles, marine life, plants, etc., plus surveys of birds and plants in the college grounds, wildlife surveys of local pond life, virgin forest and rivers in Lembah Beringin and Kerling and moon viewing using the high power telescope. Weekend trips further afield include visits to Kuala Selangor Nature Park for mangroves and Kampung Kuantan for fireflies, Sungai Dusun Nature Reserve and Tapir Sanctuary, FRIM for botany, Tanjung Tuan and Taiping Raptor Watches for birds of prey, Bukit Merah Orang Utan Sanctuary and Ecopark, Zoo Negara, KL butterfly and Bird Parks, Gua Temperung and Gua Gelap (at Batu Caves), Taman Negara, Sungai Chiling Reserve, Gunung Angsi, Lata Kinjang and Kinta Nature Park for waterbirds.

Robotic Club

The Robotics Club was set up as another avenue whereby our students could channel their creative and innovative energies. The Robotics members are creative, inquisitive and passionate young people who have desire to learn the latest development of robotics technology which will benefit the environment and mankind.
With strong foundation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) coupled with good research and presentation skills, the Robotics Club members believed in being a holistic life-long students of the 21st century. The club will be student led (and overseen by teacher’s advisors) and is open to anyone who can come to all of the meetings, so no robotics experience is necessary. The students will decide and delegate roles, come up with a project as a group, and make a plan for how they will accomplish this.

Maths & Science Society

The Science & Mathematics Society is a club which caters to students who are interested in exploring practical applications in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The events held during a typical year encompass the following. Cardboard boat race, Water Rocket Competition, Simulation of the Stock Exchange and movies highlighting the impact of nanotechnology, for example. A few years ago, a competition called ‘So You Think You Can Math’ was introduced. This is a particular favourite amongst the students. There are usually annual visits to the Petrosains Centre and the Planetarium Negara in Kuala Lumpur. Recently an event called the ‘Science & Mathematics Carnival’ has been introduced, part of which has involved visiting speakers giving talks on Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Medical Microbiology, to name two examples. The club’s activities generally reflect the interests of the current student body which can vary from year to year.

Music Club

The Music Club’s main purpose is to provide both students and staff who are interested or intrigued by it to be able to explore their creative side and showcase their talents with activities such as Unplugged and Wind Valley. Such activities will tighten the bond among students and staff as music is the universal language understood by all. Few basic musical instruments are available. Members are however encouraged to bring and play their own.

Arabic Cultural Club

For those who are keen in learning and exploring the Arabic culture, this club is the place for you to be. Among the club’s annual activities are “Cooking Arab Dish,” outings/visits to Muzium Kesenian Islam and Taman Kesenian Islam, Arabic Language games and quizzes, as well as the club’s annual dinner. All the activities aim at strengthening the “Ukhuwah” among members and advisors, enhancing art, heritage and cultural understanding through the Arabic culture. Arabic calligraphy is also yet another way to discover talents in students; while trying to mold a holistic intellectual individuals.

Initiative Club

Aims to provide platforms for students to organize volunteering, charity projects, outreach, and other helpful initiatives for communities and people in need of assistance.

· Among activities carried out are “Teach a Child” programme for Myanmar Children under UNHCR based at UNHCR learning Centre Kota Damansara, PJ ( Maths & English), Nepal Education Outreach Programme (raise funds for provision of learning material for Nepalese children/ paint school/provide aid to community affected by natural disasters) – first programme to Nepal was 2017, and follow-up scheduled for June/July 2019

Law Society

The society serves to prepare students aiming to apply for Law at university overseas. Students are given assistance with writing UCAS personal statement references and the LNAT law test. Students are also given interview practice. The society has also hosted speakers from UK universities and organised on debates concerning contemporary Malaysian legal issues.

Model United Nation

The club aims to promote global understanding and knowledge of contemporary current affairs. At MUN events students are allocated a member country and contribute to debate following MUN rules from the perspective of their state. An issue such as ‘the plight of the Rohingyas’, or ‘global human trafficking’ are debated. The society promotes a number of activities in college. It holds several ‘mock debates’ each year use the MUN approach. The students receive training in the MUN debating methodology. The society also sends students to MUN events across Malaysia. MUN also contributes to the annual KYUEM KAIGI academic conference.


Noticias is KYUEM’s official student-run journalism club, established since Batch 18.0. The Noticias regularly publishes the student-run newsletter as a primary platform for students to voice out their opinions and showcase their talents through writing, art, and photography. We hold occasional workshops, the thought-sharing Intellectual Circle, where students engage in current affairs and have an intellectual discourse with like-minded individuals, as well as the annual Poetry Open Mic Night for students to tap into their inner-poet and showcase their hidden talents to the student populace. We also have two Instagram accounts, @kynoticias, where we update on the club’s progress and upcoming events, and @humansofkyuem, where you may find snippets on the life of college residents.

Our main objectives:
To generate a pathway for students to express their creative side and have fun while doing so.
To discuss topics, themes, and offer constructive feedback to their peers, so the club members could gain a wider scope and also enhance their creative writing skills.
To provide the upmost opportunity to showcase students’ creations to their peers and their teachers through a variety of events.

HERO Society

An acronym for ‘Helping Everyone Reach Out’. The club serves to enable members to develop skills as project managers/team leaders while picking up soft skills like teamwork, cooperation and collaboration; as well as getting the feel of community service.

Objectives of the Club
1. To provide the students of the college with an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national and International community.
2. To expose students to volunteerism and community service outside of the college and provide students with valuable new experiences.
3. To encourage students (non-medics) to carry out social service in contribution to the society and community.
4. To provide students with an opportunity and channel to utilize their free time meaningfully.

Culinary Art Club

The club obviously aims to provide the basic knowledge of cooking, especially useful to the students when they go overseas, while at the same time introducing new techniques in improving culinary skills. Promoting teamwork and developing house spirits among its member are as essential.


The sport is for everyone and is a great way to gain self-confidence and strength. It can help you to develop discipline and leadership, improve your self-confidence and self-esteem, enhance your flexibility, and develop quick reflexes and agility.
As with all martial arts, taekwondo also provides an excellent workout. Anyone taking part will be punching and kicking with both arms and feet, not to mention continually bouncing on their toes during practice. These activities can lead to improved muscle tone and appearance, and increased strength and stamina. As well as the psychological benefits such as weight loss, improved circulation and heart rate, a desire for a healthy and active lifestyle, discipline and values – both of which are applicable to any area of life.

Chinese Cultural Club

The mission of the Chinese cultural club is to stimulate, knowledge, promote awareness about the Chinese cultural to KY community and encourage club members in the club activity. Every year the club will organize Chinese Cultural Celebration and Mooncake Festival Celebration. Besides that, there is also tutor-tutee mandarin class conducted by club members.

WWF Society

The Eco-friendly club in KYUEM with the aim of learning more about the environment and to instil consciousness towards the environment in our community.

Engineering Society

Aims to promote innovative thinking and collaborative skills through the discussion of real-world problems and application of abstract concepts, ideas and principles. To achieve these goals, the club organizes an annual innovation challenge with a broad theme so as to not restrict the ideas of students in any way. It is of the utmost importance to the Engineering Society that the innovative and creative minds of students here at KY are challenged but not restricted.
In order to promote the application of knowledge gained from classes, the club’s meetings often feature problems related to topics learned in A levels Physics. Members then form groups to discuss ideas and innovations to overcome these problems. Presentations of material from beyond the syllabus of A levels is also very much encouraged as the club values the pursuit of knowledge in any responsible way, shape or form.
Above all, the club aims to promote the sort of innovative thinking an engineer must have through creative and engaging activities.

German Cultural Club

Already in its third year now, its purpose is to provide some German language skills to its members and offer them insights into various aspects of German life and culture. The members meet every Tuesday at 4:30 pm for German language classes, conducted by Dr. Linda Kircher and Bruce Wallace. Conversational German is emphasized but short German films and videos also provide an opportunity to develop listening and speaking skills.

In addition to the weekly meetings, the club has celebrated a KY version of Oktoberfest each year with German food and a Bavarian emphasis. In 2018, the club was fortunate enough to visit the German department of UPM in Kuala Lumpur. The Club also has film evenings to present German films with English subtitles.


Musolla Community or Muscom aims to create an Islamic society that caters to the social, educational and religious needs of Muslim students, unifying them to facilitate the worship of God. To demonstrate the beauty of Islam to those of different faiths by aiming to be the best of Muslims through the guidance of the Quran and Sunnah.

Muscom is one of the most vibrant and active society in KYUEM. We are a religious society catering non-exclusively to Muslim students through a wide range of activities and events.

One of the main aims is to provide Muslim students with the necessary means to develop spiritually and learn more about their religion through diverse activities and events.

Among activities that promote connection between the members and non-members to build brotherhoods and sisterhoods, as well as lifelong friendships are our annual Outreach, Surau Open Day and Muslim Youth Camp events, as well as through collaborations with other societies to involve all KYUEM students.

Regular religious teaching in musolla, Muslim Overseas Camp and Fundemental of Basic Interfaith are conducted by us and take place in KYUEM throughout the year allowing every muslims/non-muslim in KYUEM to get sufficient exposure on various knowledge on par with Islamic perspectives.

Through this we aim to raise awareness of Islam, teaching non-Muslim students about Islam and dispelling misconceptions that have arisen in the current climate.

Japanese Cultural Club

JCC is a cultural club with a mission of educating the students regarding Japanese culture through goodwill. The club prides in learning and practising the traditional activities of Japan be it food, games and language. The club has yearly trips to places of interest such as the Bon Odori Festival in KL and the Japanese Village in Bukit Tinggi. The main event held by the club is the Japanese Cultural Night where students display and showcase certain aspects of the Far East country’s culture for the entire college, many of which are educational and interactive. We aim to serve as a bridge across cultural borders, leading our members toward a deeper appreciation and understanding of Japanese culture through our Club activities.

Pre Medic Club

To connect students to experiences and volunteer opportunities so that they can begin to explore a career in medicine and provide services to those who may not otherwise have access to medical care. Organize workshops and bring in former students who are studying medicine abroad to share their experiences in applying to medical schools, interviews and life as a medical student.


The sport is for everyone and is a great way to gain self-confidence and strength. It can help you to develop discipline and leadership, improve your self-confidence and self-esteem, enhance your flexibility, and develop quick reflexes and agility.
As with all martial arts, taekwondo also provides an excellent workout. Anyone taking part will be punching and kicking with both arms and feet, not to mention continually bouncing on their toes during practice. These activities can lead to improved muscle tone and appearance, and increased strength and stamina. As well as the psychological benefits such as weight loss, improved circulation and heart rate, a desire for a healthy and active lifestyle, discipline and values – both of which are applicable to any area of life.


Rugby is a sport most loved and enjoyed by students of KYUEM. The Kolej Yayasan UEM Rugby Union (KYRU) is one of the most active clubs in the college, organising routine training sessions and friendlies with other institutions. We also host an annual rugby competition, the ‘KYUEM Invitational 10’s Rugby Tournament’ involving A-Level institutions from all around the country in which we currently are the defending champions.

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the beautiful game of rugby and thus we ensure that it is a sport that is accessible to all students of the college. KYUEM offers not only contact rugby, but also touch rugby for those who prefer a less physical game. Touch rugby is a popular game here in KYUEM, played for fun and also competitively by both male and female students alike. In particular, the female touch team conducts weekly trainings and participates in tournaments organised by FIT Malaysia.

We encourage anyone interested in the sport to experience the exhilarating game. The community is one of the most welcoming you’ll ever find in the college and will definitely provide you with an all-encompassing college experience.

Volleyball Club

Volleyball is one of the well-known clubs in KYUEM also known as KYVO. There are 82 active members who really give high commitment to this club. Every evening, the members of volleyball club will have the training and practice at volleyball court starting from 5 pm until 7 pm. The main purpose of the training is to give a chance for the students who want to learn basic and new skills on how to play volleyball. Not only that, the club also participated in a lot of friendly games with other colleges. Hence, the students will be able to get new friends and bond the relationship with their companions and playmates from other colleges. With the full commitment and high spirited members in the club, we believe that the volleyball club can be the most active club in KYUEM.

Chess Club

The club caters for all players from those wanting to learn how to play right up to high ranking players who represent their state (or beyond!). The club usually meets once a week (or more frequently if it’s KYUEM internal tournament time) where games are played after class (inc. Chess960) under mutually agreed formats (bullet, blitz, 2h, internet chess etc) Lessons are sometimes conducted by enthusiastic players and the exco. Explore an openings, set/solve puzzles and learn to tactics and positional mastery. The club has participated in national tournaments outside the college (like the Sunway inaugural Chess competition 2018). So if you enjoy the game, you definitely are at the right club.

Football Club

KYUEM Football Club is formed with the aims to encourage individuals amongst students to develop and enhance their leadership qualities, inter-personal skills, communication excellence and the spirit of hard work and determination.
The club is one of the most active sports clubs at KYUEM through the organisation of various internal and external football competitions, friendly matches and weekly training, practices and meetings.
The club has also become a platform through which KYUEM Football Team is formed, developed and nurtured on regular basis.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport which is rising in popularity. The KY Frisbee association, also known as KYUF, is a well-established club that has regular friendly games. It is a gender neutral sport so both boys and girls can play on the same team and it is easy to learn. Referees are not needed as players will call their own fouls and talk it out with their opponent. For the more competitive driven newcomers, we organize regular friendly matches with other colleges. The KYUF is built on the undying passion of rising Frisbee players and a strong sense of sportsmanship.

Duke of Edinburgh

The DofE International Award Programme is run at the college through the auspices of the Malaysian Anugerah Remada Perdana Rakan Muda. It is an international self-development and challenging programme for young people involving long-term and regular individual participation in the areas of voluntary service, physical recreation and a skill as well as training for and undertaking an adventurous journey as a team. The programme is run at 3 levels: Bronze level takes a minimum 6 months and involves a 2-day expedition; Silver level takes a minimum 12 months and involves a 3-day expedition; and Gold level takes a minimum 18 months and involves a 4-day expedition plus a 5-day residential project.

Netball Club

The club aims to be a platform for netball players to practice and stay fit. Our goal is also to attract more people to join netball and practice a healthier lifestyle!

Activities we do
Our club organizes many fun activities for its member to join such as weekly training, end-of-year gathering and friendly match. Whether you have been playing netball for years or are at beginners level then come and join us! Join our family for a healthier body and lifestyle!

Swimming Club

KYUEM has an Olympic size swimming pool which is open for the swimming club from Monday to Thursday, from 5.30 to 6.45 pm. Male students can swim on Mondays and Wednesdays, females on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students can come and relax, swim some lengths to get fit or get teams together and play some water polo. There is also an inter-house swimming gala organized by the club’s swimming committee every year.

Squash Club

Squash club is one of the oldest club in KYUEM, formed in 1998. KYUEM has 2 squash courts in the MPH. It is a very active club and inter house tournament has been an annual event, attracting both staff and students participation.

Badminton Club

The badminton Club is a club that captures the attention and interests of both students and staff. Badminton is our nation’s no, 1 sport and it is for this reason that we aim to instill the love for the sports in our students.

To do so, we organized the KYUEM Badminton Open annually. We are very pleased because many people signed up to participate in the tournament, even those rarely played the sport in a regular basis. The badminton Club has held this tournament annually, and hopes to do so in the upcoming years as we see it as an opportunity for people to pick up the sport, have fun and get closer with their peers.

The further promote the sport, we have plans to organize training/ briefings to educate people on the rules and regulations of the sport, so that they are more informed on the proper way to play it. The main objective is to make sure everybody has fun, ensuring that they will be having fun the proper way.

Silat Kalimah Malaysia (Previously known as Silat Cekak Hanafi)

Silat Kalimah Malaysia is a form of martial art that was introduced by Syeikh Abdullah Al-Qumairi which is the one who was responsible to spread Islam to Kedah in the year 1118 which is almost 300 years before Malacca Sultanate appeared.

This silat defense system was derived from the movement in Solat. In this silat there are 3 level of learning. The first level is more about defensing mechanism while the second and third level is more about offensive/attacking mechanism.

This silat was kept secret by the Kedah Sultanate lineage until Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin Halim Shah passed down this silat to one of his admiral which is Panglima Dato Ismail to help him captured one of the pirate tycoon at that time. This silat after that was passed down generation by generation until it was popularized in the year 1970s and was taught to 3 General, 5 Colonel and 2 Lieutenant Colonel of the Malaysia Armed Forces. The Club meeting is every Thursday and Sunday at 9.00pm. Interested parties, with or without experience, is welcome.

Basketball Club

The objective of the basketball is to provide a platform to the students to engage with the activity and also show their basketball talents. The member of the club has a chance to organize the activity for the clubs besides to organize their own basketball tournament. Among the activities such as taking part in annual KYUEM Basketball invitation and participate in basketball tournament or friendly matches with other college/university.