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Sports, Clubs and
Societies Overview

Sports, Clubs and Societies Overview

Christian Fellowship

A non-denominational group of KYUEM students, both Juniors and Seniors studying relevant issues in the Bible, society and the church. Trips to a variety of local churches in Tanjung Malim every Sunday is arranged so students can contribute to the religious life of the community outside the college.

Malay Cultural Club

This club was created with the intention to introduce and promote members’ knowledge and understanding of traditional Malay culture, including customs and beliefs as well as traditional games.

Debate & Public Speaking Club

The club intends to strengthen oratory, analytical and presentational skills through participating in inter-varsity, national and international tournaments where students are pitted against other intellectuals from prestigious institutions.

Electronic Club

The KYUEM Electronics club is based upon microcontrollers, uC’s, which are essentially tiny programmable computers to control and interact with various devices. No experience is necessary. Students are encouraged to build their own circuits and explore their own ideas.

Indian Cultural Club

As the name suggests, one of the primary aims of the Indian Cultural Club is to help students keep in touch with the rich cultural values, customs and traditions of our country. The Cultural Club aims at moulding the personality of students and exposes them to a wide range of cultural events throughout the year.

Natural History Club

To study the wonders of nature both in the laboratory and at wildlife havens near and far throughout Malaysia about the species and classification and setting off insects, mammals, birds, reptiles, marine life, plants, etc.

Robotic Club

The Robotics Club was set up as another avenue whereby our students could channel their creative and innovative energies. The members are creative, inquisitive and passionate young people who have desire to learn the latest development of robotics technology which will benefit the environment and mankind.

Math & Science Society

The Science & Mathematics Society is a club which caters to students who are interested in exploring practical applications in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Music Club

The Music Club’s main purpose is to provide both students and staff who are interested or intrigued by it to be able to explore their creative side and showcase their talents with activities such as Unplugged and Wind Valley.

Arabic Cultural Club

For those who are keen in learning and exploring the Arabic culture, this club is the place for you to be. All the activities aim at strengthening the “Ukhuwah” among members and advisors, enhancing art, heritage and cultural understanding through the Arabic culture.

Initiative Club

Aims to provide platforms for students to organise volunteering, charity projects, outreach, and other helpful initiatives for communities and people in need of assistance.

Law Society

The society serves to prepare students aiming to apply for Law at university overseas. Students are given assistance with writing UCAS personal statement references and the LNAT law test.

Model United Nation

The club aims to promote global understanding and knowledge of contemporary current affairs. It holds several ‘mock debates’ each year using the MUN approach. The students receive training in the MUN debating methodology. The society also sends students to MUN events across Malaysia.


Noticias is KYUEM’s official student-run journalism club, established since Batch 18.0. The Noticias regularly publishes the student-run newsletter as a primary platform for students to voice out their opinions and showcase their talents.

HERO Society

An acronym for ‘Helping Everyone Reach Out’. The club serves to enable members to develop skills as project managers/team leaders while picking up soft skills like teamwork, cooperation and collaboration; as well as getting the feel of community service.

Culinary Art Club

The club obviously aims to provide the basic knowledge of cooking, especially useful to the students when they go overseas, while at the same time introducing new techniques in improving culinary skills.


It is a great way to gain self-confidence and strength, helping students to develop discipline and leadership, enhancing flexibility, acquiring quick reflexes and agility.

Chinese Cultural Club

The mission of the Chinese cultural club is to stimulate, knowledge, promote awareness about the Chinese cultural to the KYUEM community and encourage club members in the club activity.

WWF Society

The Eco-friendly club in KYUEM with the aim of learning more about the environment and to instil consciousness towards the environment in our community.

Engineering Society

Aims to promote innovative thinking and collaborative skills an engineer must have through creative and engaging activities which include the discussion of real-world problems and application of abstract concepts, ideas and principles.

German Cultural Club

Its purpose is to provide some German language skills to its members and offer them insights into various aspects of German life and culture. The Club also has film evenings to present German films with English subtitles.


Musolla Community or Muscom aims to create an Islamic society that caters to the social, educational and religious needs of Muslim students, unifying them to facilitate the worship of God.

Japanese Cultural Club

JCC is a cultural club with a mission of educating the students regarding Japanese culture through goodwill. The club prides in learning and practising the traditional activities of Japan be it food, games and language.

Pre Medic Club

To connect students to experiences and volunteer opportunities so that they can begin to explore a career in medicine and provide services to those who may not otherwise have access to medical care.


Rugby is a sport most loved and enjoyed by students of KYUEM. The Kolej Yayasan UEM Rugby Union (KYRU) is one of the most active clubs in the college, organising routine training sessions and friendlies with other institutions.

Volleyball Club

Volleyball is one of the well-known clubs in KYUEM also known as KYVO. The main purpose of the training is to give a chance for the students who want to learn basic and new skills on how to play volleyball.

Chess Club

The club caters for all players from those wanting to learn how to play right up to high ranking players who represent their state and beyond! Explore openings, set/solve puzzles, learn tactics and positional mastery.

Football Club

KYUEM Football Club is formed with the aim to encourage individuals amongst students to develop and enhance their leadership qualities, inter-personal skills, communication excellence and the spirit of hard work and determination.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport which is rising in popularity. It is a gender neutral sport so both boys and girls can play on the same team and it is easy to learn. The KY Frisbee association, also known as KYUF, is a well-established club that has regular friendly games.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award Programme is run at the college through the auspices of the Malaysian Anugerah Remaja Perdana Rakan Muda. It is an international self-development and challenging programme for young people involving long-term and regular individual participation.

Netball Club

The club aims to be a platform for netball players to practice and stay fit. Our goal is also to attract more people to join netball and practice a healthier lifestyle.

Swimming Club

Students can come and relax, swim some lengths to get fit or get teams together and play some water polo. There is also an inter-house swimming gala organised by the club’s swimming committee every year.

Squash Club

Squash club is one of the oldest clubs in KYUEM, formed in 1998. It is a very active club and inter house tournaments has been an annual event, attracting both staff and students’ participation.

Badminton Club

The badminton club captures the attention and interests of both students and staff. Badminton is our nation’s no. 1 sport and it is for this reason that we aim to instil the love for this sports in our students.

Basketball Club

The objective of the basketball is to provide a platform to the students to engage with the activity and also show their basketball talents. The member of the club has a chance to organise the activity for the clubs besides organising their own basketball tournaments.

Kolej Yayasan UEM Research Institute (KYRI) 

Established in 2022, the Kolej Yayasan UEM Research Institute (KYRI) is a student-led organization that aims to encourage Malaysian youths to tap into their intellectual curiosity and shape ideas that can make a positive difference in the world.

KYRI envisions of becoming the preferred choice for students to write articles and their first-ever research papers on topics that they are passionate about and become the centre for interdisciplinary research studies in Kolej Yayasan UEM.


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